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Real Estate License Exam (Salesperson)

The Reliable Resource for Your State & National Real Estate Exam

"A clear cut guide with insights and questions that helped me pass this exam!" - George R.

National Real Estate Exam

Outline of all Topics in Exam

240  Real Estate License Practice Questions

Three Exams Worth of Questions

Detailed Answers to Each Question


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National Real Estate Exam

The journey to become a licensed Real Estate Salesperson takes a lot of commitment and dedication. With 60+ hours of course work being boiled down to one or two exams. 


Bova understands the importance of this exam and what it means for your career. Because of this, we've created this comprehensive guide with multiple exam worth of questions and in-depth solutions. 


Be as prepared as possible and pick up this study guide today!

  Found Inside:  Example Questions

National Real Estate Pratice Questions

Question 1

If an express contract is established and agreed upon, an identical implied contract:

(A). Must be applied

(B). May be applied

(C). Cannot exist

(D). Supplements the express contract




Once an express contract has been established and agreed upon, an identical implied contract cannot exist.

Question 1

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While a down payment of 20% can avoid the need for PMI and a borrower can apply to have PMI removed at 80% LTV, it will automatically stop at 78%.

Question 3

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FHA requires 3 months before the resale of a home.

Question 2

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An open listing allows the owner to place listings with multiple real estate brokers. This listing type is not included in MLS.

Question 4

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Breakdown of Exam

The Real Estate exam covers a 8 main areas of a property transaction. Below is a breakdown of each category (all of which are covered in our National Exam).

Areas Covered

1. Real Property Characteristics, Legal Descriptions, and Property Use​

2. Forms of Ownership, Transfer, and Recording of Title

3. Property Value and Appraisal

4. Real Estate Contracts and Agency

5. Real Estate Practice

6. Property Disclosures and Environmental Issues

7. Financing and Settlement

8. Real Estate Math Calculations

All and all these categories will generate 80 questions on your real estate exam

The guide offered by Bova Books offers an extensive look at each of the categories and enough questions to cover 3 full exams!

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