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IC&RC ADC and NAADAC NCAC Practice Exams

Valuable Preparation for Addiction Counselor Certifications

An Effective Way to Study for Your Addiction Counselor Certification

"The content provided in this study guide... indepth but retainable. I was confident. I was prepared. I passed." - Julie K.

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IC & RC ADC Exam


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Outline of all IC & RC ADC Topics in the Exam

Up to 3 Full IC & RC ADC Practice Exams

Detailed Answers to Each Test Question

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Outline of all NAADAC NCAC Topics in the Exam

Up to 2 Full NAADAC NCAC Practice Exams

Detailed Answers to Each Test Question

Questions Overlap in Both Guides

Questions Overlap in Both Guides

Get ready to help others by helping yourself. Each practice guide is designed to give you an edge in obtaining your CASAC, LCDC, CADC and other Addiction Counselor Certifications. 


Practice with up to 850 Addiction Certification Questions (five entire exams worth). Along with each question is a detailed explanation of the correct answer!

To maximize your preparation, we've proportionally divided the questions as they appear on the exam. This allows you to accurately test your knowledge within the time frame of the exam.

A brighter future is within reach. Get your guide by Bova Books today.

  Found Inside:  Example Questions

Question 1

Which of the following is most commonly used as a reason for someone to begin treatment?

(A). Internal Motivation

(B). Family of Peer Encouragement

(C). Diagnosed Medical Issues

(D). Financial Issues



To get someone to commit fully to treatment, they must recognize the problem internally and be self motivated for action.

Question 1

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The Modified Mini-Screen is used for co-occurring disorders. The other options are for standard initial screenings.

Question 3

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Solutions to an identified problem should be pushed to the assessment of the client. Screenings are designed to get a base evaluation of a client.

Question 2

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While several withdrawal symptoms are common, the common link is almost always Dysphoria. This is due to the unnatural stimulation of dopamine in the brain that the drugs produce.

Question 4

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Addiction Questions

Breakdown of Exams

Our main goal when developing our study material is to focus your studying on the core concepts you need to know on test day. We develop our material based closely on the topics and study material provided for the NAADAC and IC & RC ADC exams. This allows you to spend your time studying, rather than sifting through unimportant content.

What to Expect

  • Both Exams are Multiple-Choice

  • You are often asked for the "best" or "most likely" answer for each questions. Be sure to keep this in mind as you eliminate possible answers.

  • Be sure to answer every question since there is no penalty for guessing.

  • There are 150 questions (IC & RC ADC)

  • There are 200 questions (NAADAC)

  • 25 of the questions are not scored, however you will not know which these are so trat all of them as if they're real.


IC & RC ADC Sections

  • Domain 1: Screening, Assessment, and Engagement (23% of Exam)

  • Domain 2: Treatment Planning, Collaboration, and Referral (27% of Exam)

  • Domain 3: Counseling (28% of Exam)

  • Domain 4: Professional and Ethical Responsibilities (22% of Exam)

NAADAC Sections

  • Counseling Practice (40% of Exam)

  • Pharmacology of Psychoactive Substances (30% of Exam)

  • The Theoretical base of Counseling (15% of Exam)

  • Professional Issues Related to Substance Use Disorder Treatment (15% of Exam)

More About the IC & RC Exam | More About the NAADAC Exam

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