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Question 1

An individuals and moving range chart is used when the sample size is:

(A). 1

(B). 5

(C). >25

(D). >50


Question 1

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Question 2

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Question 3

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Question 4

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Breakdown of Exam

ASQ provides the global community with the expertise, tools, and solutions to help organizations and individuals improve the products, services, and experiences we rely upon for our safety, health, and daily lives.

It is important to understand that ASQ certification is not a license or registration. It is peer recognition that an individual has demonstrated proficiency in, and comprehension of a particular quality area at a specific point in time. ASQ certification is awarded to those who meet three criteria:


Candidates must:

1) have a specified level of education and/or experience

2) provide proof of professionalism

3) pass a standardized exam in the certification



Source: ASQ.ORG

Areas Covered

  • Quality Concepts and Tools (18 Questions)

  • Statistical Techniques (17 Questions)

  • Metrology and Calibration (18 Questions)

  • Inspection and Test (23 Questions)

  • Quality Audits (12 Questions)

  • Risk Management (12 Questions)

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